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​​"The common denominator of failures and frustrations in a dental or medical practice is the lack of personal and staff training, coaching, motivation, and the routine follow-up and quality checks to be even the slightest bit successful." -Anonymous MD (no longer practicing)



Sharmyn Long, R.D.H.
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 ​​​​OPPORTUNITY- be immersed in a multi-day, hands-on, in-practice, entire staff training. We will only take on ONE PRACTICE per a serviceable area in order to maximize MD networking, marketing opportunities, community presence, and LONG-TERM growth.​​ 

​Core 9 is proud to announce that we are now partnering with two of the most reputable, trusted, and successful dental practice consulting and coaching companies in the nation.. We will be teaming with them and taking the lead role with the education, training, and implementation of a SUCCESSFUL AND SUSTAINABLE dental sleep program.

"We had Matt with Core 9 here in our practice to teach and implement Dental Sleep Medicine. He was GREAT! He is a wealth of information who really gets the big picture and how this can be a great thing that sets us apart from others. Use his information and help to get the groundwork established. I look forward to using Matt for his medical billing service, for continuing our education, for setting up partnerships with MDs, his guidance in marketing, and for other business opportunities. I couldn’t be happier! You will have the same experiences we did. Find a way to use his knowledge for the advancement of your practices."​          -Dr. E, DDS, Washington

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Steve Sperry

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"It is ridiculous how many dental sleep offerings have popped up over the recent years. Matt Brady is the only person I know of, and I know every major player in this industry, who has the complete medical background and truly comes from the correct perspective.  He has been dealing with the medical side of sleep before insurance ever paid for oral appliances, and was doing a decade ago what we as dentists are trying to conceive today. He is partly responsible for so much of what the dental sleep arena has developed and accomplished through his knowledge sharing, outside the box thinking, and collaborations that he introduces.   Matt does not get the recognition he deserves because he does not run in the dental circles and does not come from the dental industry, and being on a podium or pedestal has no value to him. Matt does not nickel and dime people and his thoughts and advice comes from a treasure trove of knowledge, and always comes from a truly empathetic and genuine place. I tell everyone that comes to me and my company for advice about Matt, and I would tell you to do the same thing.  Give him and Core 9 a call or email if you are interested in bringing sleep or any form of medical offerings into your practice, no matter what your experience or status, and regardless of if you even think you need his services."​           -Dr. T, DDS, Texas